Nordic Concert Halls is an international league consisting of major concert halls and performing arts centres in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Iceland. Nordic Concert Halls was founded in 1983 and count 17 members, and the league’s total audience capacity exceeds 70,000.

The purpose of Nordic Concert Halls is to safeguard and promote the mutual interests of the members. The members are obligated to cooperate in order to promote cultural life in the Nordic countries.

– The members –


Göteborgs Konserthus

A building open for all, with music at its centre, was the starting point for the architect Nils Einar Eriksson when he drew the plans for the Gothenburg Concert Hall. With its stylistically pure functionalism and its beautiful natural materials, the architecture was ground-breaking when the building was inaugurated in 1935. Concerts are performed in the Stora Salen concert room, a magnificent hall that is world-renowned for its excellent acoustics, and in the more intimate Stenhammarsalen concert room, which is gracefully decorated with elegant inlays.

Malmö Live Konserthus

Malmö Live Concert Hall is a forum for music, culture and entertainment; with over 800 concerts and events each year at seven different venues, Malmö Live offers something for music lovers of all ages. The concert hall has been widely praised for its world-class acoustics and is home to the Malmö Symphony Orchestra (MSO), some 90 professional musicians from 17 different countries. Opened in August 2015, the concert hall is managed by Malmö Live Konserthus AB, which is wholly-owned by the City of Malmö.

Drammen Scener

Drammen Scener is one of the oldest and most active entertainment venues in the country. Drammen Scener with its present appearance dates back to 1870. The building was designed by the architect Emil Victor Langlet (1824-1898) who also designed the Norwegian Parliament Building, Stortinget. The theatre was modelled on the Parisian theatres Porte St. Martin and Châtelet. Drammen Scener was the first “modern” theatre in the country and was considered one of the most beautiful theatres in the Nordic countries. Now, the classic appearance is combined with state-of-the-art technology.

DR Koncerthuset

DR Koncerthuset is part of Danmarks Radio (DR) and accommodates, among others, the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, several choirs and the Danish Radio Big Band. Since its opening in 2009, DR Koncerthuset has multiplied its activities and now offers more than 300 concerts annually, about half of which are performed by touring artists and guest performers. Moreover, DR Koncerthuset provides the setting for radio and TV shows, trade conferences etc. DR Koncerthuset also includes DR Musikariet which annually invites more than 50,000 children and youngsters to musical activities.


Grieghallen is Norway’s largest combined conference and arts centre, situated in the city centre. Grieghallen was opened in 1978 and totally renovated from 2013 to 2016. The centre has two main halls: the Grieg Hall, which accommodates an audience of 1,640, and the  Peer Gynt Hall, which accommodates a seated audience of 750 and a standing audience of 1,500. Grieghallen has also an exhibition area adjacent to the hall, with 3,500 square metres of underground floor space and 5,000 square metres on the square outside Grieghallen, the Edvard Griegs Plass.


Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre is one of Reykjavik ‘s greatest and distinguished landmarks and is a new dimension in Icelandic cultural life and at the conference scene. Harpa offers the best facilities for concerts and conferences in Northern Europe. Harpa was designed by Olafur Eliasson, Henning Larsen Architects and Batteríið Architects. Harpa has won multiple awards for architecture, including the Mies van der Rohe Award in 2013.
CEO Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir 
 +354 528 50 35 Send email →


Ibsenhuset is a multi-purpose concert hall situated in Skien in Telemark. It opened in 1973 and since then it has been the meeting place of the region with its four halls and central location. Dovregubbens Hall is a modern hall, which seats an audience of 800 and is used for all kinds of art events. Furthermore, the building was renovated in 2015. Ibsenhuset also features a library, a culture school, a youth club, a restaurant and a permanent art exhibition.


Katuaq is the cultural centre of entire Greenland, and it opened on 15 February 1997. Katuaq is a magical building with architecture inspired by the waving Northern Lights, icebergs and how the light is reflected by snow and ice. The architects behind the stylish design of the building are Schmidt, Hammer and Lassen of Aarhus, Denmark. Katuaq’s cultural offers include small- and large-scale concerts of all kinds, theatre performances for children and adults, art exhibitions, film shows for children, youngsters and adults, lectures etc. Katuaq is also a five-star meeting and conference venue.
CEO  Arnakkuluk Jo Kleist +299 36 37 71 Send email →

Konserthuset Stockholm

The blue concert hall at Hötorget is one of Stockholm’s most famous buildings and accommodates the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert hall annually presents more than 200 concerts with orchestral music, chamber music, jazz and world music as wells as exhibitions and numerous other events. Moreover, Konserthuset and Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra get international attention at the annual Nobel Prize ceremony.

Musikhuset Esbjerg

Musikhuset Esbjerg is a vibrant arts centre and annually presents about 100 concerts, theatre performances, shows etc. The building was designed by the world-famous Utzon architects and its beautiful architecture and brilliant audience facilities have made it the most prominent and popular arts centre in South-Western Jutland for two decades. Musikhuset’s premises are also ideal for conferences, trade fairs, parties and meetings on any scale.

Musikkens Hus

Musikkens Hus is an architectural wonder designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au. Musikkens Hus covers more than 22,000 square meters, spread across nine levels. Since its opening in March 2014, Musikkens Hus has hosted more than 300 concerts annually, including performances by international stars and speakers such as Plácido Domingo, Chris Cornell, Chicago Symphony Orchestra and President Barack Obama. More than 2 million guests have visited the venue, which also accommodates Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Academy of Music and Aalborg University’s music educations.
CEO Lasse Rich Henningsen +45 60 20 31 10 Send email →

Nordens Hus

Nordens Hus in the Faroe Islands is a cultural institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers. The centre opened in 1983, and since then is has been an innovative and creative meeting place and Nordic arts centre with a wide-ranging programme that includes all forms of art and addresses a wide audience, both in terms of activities and age groups. As an open and vibrant arts centre, the primary aim of Nordic House is to convey Nordic art and culture in the Faroe Islands and propagate and strengthen Faroese art and culture in the Nordic Countries.


Olavshallen threw up its doors in 1989 and is located in centre of Trondheim. Olavshallen is Trondheim’s major stage for a seated audience (1,200 seats) and also accommodates the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, NTNU – Institute of Music and Trondheim’s municipal culture school. We offer a wide programme featuring all genres from rhythmic music to theatre performances. The other and smaller hall is a black box stage accommodating a seated or standing audience of 350.
CEO Ann Elisabeth Wedø +47 99 20 35 96 Send email →

Oslo Konserthus

The finest artists and orchestras from all parts of the world regularly visit Oslo Konserthus. The Oslo Philharmonic has Oslo Konserthus as its permanent base. Oslo Konserthus comprises two concert halls, meeting rooms and artist facilities, large foyers, refreshment bars, box office and an office wing. Since the opening in 1977, nearly 8 million people have visited Oslo Konserthus. February 2018 Oslo Konserthus expanded its activity by opening Røverstaden – 4000 m2 filled with hubs in film, photo, design, fashion and architecture. Røverstaden also houses a restaurant, bars and a brand new venue with cap 800.

Stavanger Konserthus

Stavanger Konserthus is one of Norway’s major concert halls with more than 400 events every year – concerts, performances, opera, dance, pop, rock as well as conferences and banquets. The venue comprises three concert halls: a main hall, Fartein Valen, which was designed specifically for acoustic music, a multi-purpose hall, Zetlitz, and Kuppelhallen. The three halls have a combined audience capacity of 4,600. Moreover, we have a lovely foyer with a beautiful view of the fiord and mountains, a large outdoor amphitheatre which accommodates an audience of up to 14,000, and the well-reputed restaurant called Spiseriet.

Stormen Konserthus

Stormen Konserthus is a state-of-the-art cultural centre situated directly in the town centre of Bodø. With four halls of various sizes and layout, bright and easily accessible foyers and a highly competent staff, Stormen Konserthus is the obvious choice of venue if you are to organise concerts, performances, meetings or conferences. The maximum capacity of the main hall is 916 seats, and the hall boasts world-class acoustics.


Værket is the cultural powerhouse in Randers and the surrounding area with 100,000 guests and 300 events annually. Værket comprises six stages and halls, each with a capacity ranging from 50 to 1,400 guests, and is situated in the town’s former power station – a historical block of buildings covering 11,000 square metres. Værket organises and presents classical and rhythmic concerts, theatre performances, shows, musicals, operas, ballet and exhibitions as well as film shows in the small in-house cinema. Turbinen is Værket’s rhythmic venue with an independent profile.
Musical and Theatrical Manager Mikael Qvist Rørsted +45 89 13 51 01 Send email →

– The board –

Lasse Rich Henningsen

CEO - Musikkens Hus, Denmark

Per-Harald Nilsson

Board Member
CEO - Stavanger Konserthus, Norway

Knut Harald Pleym

Board member
CEO - Drammen Scener, Norway
6 countries
17 members
82 stages
70k capacity
8000+ annual activities
4 million+ annual visitors
€ 2 billion of landmarks
€ 170 million+ annual revenues